There is nothing quite like restoring vintage Corvettes (circa 1968 to 1982) to make a car owner feel like they've accomplished something. Whether you had the car in storage, or bought it at auction or from another owner, if you pay for a vintage car in any kind of condition count on spending some money to get it. To buy an older Corvette in decent shape you'll be spending roughly $13,700 USD or £9,100 on average. Once you've got the car back to your workspace, the parts and labor are going to add probably about that much on top of what you bought. Good restoration has often been touted as a rich man's sport, but really, once the initial investment is made, you can take your time and do the work on a budget. Some cars are going to need extensive work, and others, not so much. It all depends on shopping for the best deal. If you make use of online auctions and online parts houses you can get some sensational deals on car bodies, engines, parts, etc. Of course, make sure you invest in some literature that tells you what you can do yourself and what you'll have to send out of house. Reading up really lets you know what you'll be up against in your project. Even after you get the inside systems up and running, the big challenge in Vette restoration is bodywork. Corvettes are fibreglass moulded bodies, and there is plenty to do usually on just about any used Vette you'll buy. If you've never worked with the material before, it can be an incredible challenge. Fibreglass repair, de-bonding, bonding, and then fitting the parts together again gives even experts some challenge. Knowing what your car parts are called is an absolute necessity when ordering new ones, especially online, so it helps to have a very detailed manual on how the car is put together, and what license, if any, Detroit took with respective years and models. For example, if you're looking for a 68-72 big block 427's & 454's, based on the number built, you might think they are common, but finding them in any condition is very difficult. Still, if you have money to spend, these cars are only going to appreciate in value, and if you have inclination to restore, this would be a great choice for an investment.