Every parent wants the best for their children and this certainly extends to keeping them safe when they are in the car. However, your child's comfort should be considered as well as their safety when picking out a car seat for your child to use. The Britax Marathon performs admirably on both counts and is a great choice for parents who want to look after their child's safety and comfort while on the road. One thing which a lot of parents overlook is how long the car seat will be used by their child. The Britax Marathon car seat uses a larger shell than other car seats, enabling the car seat to be used for a much longer time as your child grows. This provides the lasting peace of mind that comes from knowing that your child is receiving optimal protection in the car. The shell may be larger than other children's car seats, but the Britax Marathon fits in lots of models of car and is also approved for use when traveling by air! This car seat can be installed to face the rear of the vehicle for children of 33 pounds or less and once the child has outgrown this configuration, the seat can be reinstalled facing forward; this configuration is suitable for children weighing up to 65 lbs. Many other brands of car seat don't have the same benefits of being adjustable to suit your child as he or she grows. The Britax Marathon can be adjusted to safely position a newborn baby, easily re-adjusted to suit a toddler and then adjusted further to accommodate a young child. At each age group, your car seat is still offering maximum comfort while giving your child the most possible protection while in the car with you. The shoulder straps on the Britax Marathon are made with your child's comfort in mind as well as their safety. They are easily adjustable, unlike the shoulder straps used in some other children's car seats available on the market today. One of the best features of the shoulder straps used in this car seat is that there are Velcro strips on the side of the seat which hold back the straps as you place your child into the seat. Any parent who has struggled to get the straps adjusted while getting a child properly situated in a car seat knows exactly how useful this can be. The straps are within easy reach and held back with Velcro, making getting your child into the seat a snap . There are also a wide variety of different decorative covers which can be used with the Britax Marathon. You can find covers in any style or cover you need - from cheerful floral prints to solid colors which can match your upholstery. The seat of the Britax Marathon is made from a ultra soft velour-like fabric which snuggles your child for added comfort. Parents who want to make sure that their child receives optimal protection while in their car while ensuring their comfort should consider the Britax Marathon child's car seat.