The Internet makes locating, purchasing and selling automobile parts easier than any other source. An individual can locate parts for just about any car, in just about any place, even overseas. It is a simple step-by-step process that a novice computer user can do. Firstly, the individual needs to know the make and model of their car. For example, lets use a 1972 Ford Mustang. Having a 1972 Mustang, lets say we need the correct alternator for this car. The absolute easiest thing to do is a search, probably a Goggle search. Connect to the Internet and type in 1972 Ford Mustang Alternator. Immediately, the search pulls up 10 sites that have something to do with 1972 Ford Mustang Alternators. The top site will be listed first and highlighted. Along the right-hand side will be a list of alternate dealers who sell things related to alternators, 1972 Ford Mustangs or Fords. The first site is usually the best match for the words entered in the search. So, locating and purchasing from that company would be no problem. What about selling a 1972 Ford Mustang alternator? By adding selling in front of the search words and clicking the search button, you can locate buyers and stores that are interested in the part that an individual wants to sell. Quickly, easily and painlessly, anyone can find an auto part on the Internet. Just as easily, the same individual can locateĀ car partsĀ or sell a part. The Internet is built for commerce.