Defensive driving is a skilled that most drivers should be armed with while they are driving on the road. In 2007, about 41059 people lost their lives in road accidents in US. The fact is that all these accidents and death could have been prevented if the drivers were skilled enough to anticipate and avoid the danger. It is always better to take precautions instead of getting straight into the gutter. Defensive driving tells you to be alert all the time. There are many defensive driving courses, which deals with the techniques of defensive driving either onsite or online. These defensive driving classes cover topics such as emergency care, control emotions and fears, principle of safety, quick reactions and fleet safety. There are some defensive driving techniques, which can save your life. •    Always wear seatbelts. Most car accidents death statistics reveal that drivers were not wearing seatbelts. •    Be very attentive. Defensive driving tells you to be always prepared for anything. Distraction is the main cause of death or accidents. Avoid any distraction from your driving. Cell phone, texting, reading map while driving and glancing out distracts you from driving. •    Drive as early as possible. This will help you to reach your destination on time instead of driving fast. You never know how the traffic or the weather is going to be. •    Drive carefully when you are in heavy traffic or in rush hours. Experts have confirmed that most drivers have greater risk when they are driving between heaps of vehicles. One small mistake can affect someone else. Keep distance between the front cars and move along. •    Don’t drive in the blind spot of another vehicle, as it can be a real trap. Avoid it as far as possible. •    Don’t weave in and out of traffic. •    Always anticipate the mistakes or any unsafe maneuvers of other drivers around you. •    Do not drive if you have been drinking or taken medications or tired. It can distract your focus from driving. •    Don’t tailgate and if another vehicle is tailgating behind then give way to let the vehicle pass or change the lane if possible? You are only doing yourself a favor. •    If you are driving or plan to drive a long distance then, stop from time to time to rest on yourself. •    Always drive carefully and be alert on construction sites. Be aware of the signs on the roadside. These are a few defensive driving techniques that can save your life. If you want to enhance your defensive driving skills then, you can always join a certified traffic school which offers defensive driving course.