Here are basic suggestions on researching handy car insurance: - Be sure that you compare a variety of different policies offered through diverse brokers. Chances are that you could end up finding a particular auto insurance policy that you will be particularly happy with. - Cheapest coverage with the lowest premium? It's unlikely that if your auto insurance is the cheapest, you will get the most worthwhile coverage. Usually, the cheapest insurance provides the most commonly used benefits. Be confident that your policy will cover the basics. But if you want extras, you will have to pay extra! - Finding a car insurance bargain which can supply you with everything that you need, and still be affordable, is likely your first priority. Find out what is _not_ going to be included in your coverage. Let's imagine that you are selecting an auto insurance offer for a particular reason. However, you later find out that the coverage you chose it for is not actuallly offered in this policy. You will end up paying all of the bills from your own wallet, for naught. Speak to someone who can provide you with more information or who can supply you with a second opinion. - No matter what you buy, it's always essential to have all your cards on the table. Since the market place is highly competitive, everyone will tend to give you their lowest quotations enabling you to choose the most worthwhile package at the lowest price. - The best places to begin looking for info on brokers are business groups or trade associations. It's been seen that in a lot of cases, these groups/associations can assist you in getting slimmed down car insurance rates due to the volume of business they do. These associations also negotiate coverage specific to your individual needs, thereby helping you make significant savings in time and effort. - A good agent that understands your needs is helpful. Choose one that provides high standards of service and quality, while having a strong reputation and financial stability. This will assist you in future, particularly when you need to make a claim. - It's always judicious to take a little time and gather some info about the cheapest insurance agent before you decide. Moreover, there are ways to cut down your premium, even with the most famous agents. - Go through your renewal notice with a fine tooth comb. Reevaluate the policy and list all cover that can be eliminated. The situation may be different from last year; you were not aware of certain reductions you qualify for. Ask the provider to trim the premium accordingly and you will end up with reduced annual premiums without much fuss. Consider the amount of cover that you will be provided with. I hope these few basic tips will assist you in researching useful cheap auto insurance.