Most people fail to realize that their speeding tickets can have a huge impact on their auto insurance rates. Whether anyone realize it or not, traffic tickets if not dismissed can have a serious consequence on the insurance rates or the driving record for years to come. Even a minor speeding ticket is enough to raise an alarming insurance rate later. Already the insurance rates are more but you will be paying extra due to your traffic ticket. Insurance company will consider your previous driving record before they consider your insurance rates. If you have one ticket in your booty, it can increase your insurance rate by up to 27%. A onetime speeding ticket can earn you more points on your driving records and your insurance premium will be thousands of dollars more. If you keep on paying the high price, obviously your pocket will have a big hole. Now speeding tickets cost more than anything and you will lucky if the fine is less than a hundred dollar. You may need to pay off if you do not want to face any outcome. Non-payment of traffic ticket not only increases your traffic ticket but it can also take away your driver’s license for a set period.  Coming back to your insurance increase, you will be amaze to know that it will be 6 times the cost of your traffic ticket. The only person to grin here is the insurance company. Once you get your traffic ticket, rates will to go up significantly. If you don’t want the traffic ticket to hinder your savings then, best is join a class in defensive driving in Texas. If you haven’t heard about defensive driving Texas, then you are missing out a lot. Joining a Texas defensive driving class will help you to dismiss your traffic tickets and fine. You will get a certificate of completion when you complete TX defensive driving class, which you need to produce at the courthouse. That is a proof that you have successfully completed the defensive driving class and you can dismiss the traffic ticket. A traffic ticket can cost you a lot, but if you act in time, it won’t affect you much. For the insurance company, a ticket is a ticket and they won’t consider anything to lessen the rates. To keep the ticket off your driving record and to avoid the insurance hike, join a defensive driving TX class.