Driving their own car, young drivers feel a sense of independence. However, this is the point when parents start to worry. According to statistics, most young drivers get into accidents. As a result, auto insurance companies charged young drivers with high auto insurance premium to protect themselves. Because of this financial burden, parents are concerned in finding affordable teen car insurance. There are different ways to obtaining affordable teenage car insurance. Usually, teenagers turn to the policy of their parents. By doing this, teenagers get "multi-car" discounts where the price is offset by the driver who has more driving experience. However, this approach may not turn out as expected. This is because auto insurance provider may assign the highest risk driver to the car with the higher risk. This means the young driver can be assigned to the car of his/her parents in determining the rates. The premium in this case may be higher than what is expected. Although parents can get free quotes from their car insurance provide for additional driver, they can still try other ways in finding affordable teenage car insurance. Good grades of students can be an opportunity to get discounts from car insurance company. Note however that this discount only apply to drivers whose age is 25 years old or below. Sporty cars attracts young drivers especially males. But this type of car can be one of the reasons for high car insurance premium. Fast cars usually get into accidents because these can be driven in ways that can result in car crash and other accidents. Meanwhile, expensive cars can also cost you high car insurance premium. Repairs and auto parts can be costly for car insurance providers. The labor that is needed when repairing these cars is also expensive. So if you have an old car that is still in good condition, stick with it. If you need to buy a new car, check the cylinders. Cars with six cylinders are likely to have cheaper car insurance premium than those with eight but higher than those with four. Lastly, shop and compare the rates of different companies. This allows you to find the relatively affordable young drivers car insurance available.