While the process of getting a license may be long and every effort is made to educate teenagers about the very many risks involved in driving, there are number of them on the road who forgets it all in a wink. There are a number of courses available before and after a teenager starts driving or gets behind the wheels, which are helpful in educating the teenager regarding the hazards and safety measures to adhere to while driving. These courses not only aim at educating the teenagers but also inculcating the right ethics of driving in the teenager. The commonly observed problems with teenage drivers are: •    Texting or using the phone when driving •    Crowding the car with friends •    Chatting with friends while driving •    Playing the music way too loud, so much so that they cannot hear the other sounds on the road •    Speeding •    Drunken driving •    Not wearing a seat belt Although these may seem as acts of youthful recklessness it nothing but spells danger on the road. Teenagers must realize and learn to take responsibility for their actions and also understand that they are not just risking their own lives but also the lives of others. It is essential that they inculcate a good road sense and drive well and act as responsible citizens. Following are a few don’ts for the teenage drivers: •    Do not talk on the phone while driving unless you are wired to hands free. Pull over to the side of the road in case it is an important call and you must take it. •    Texting while driving is even worse than talking on the phone while driving. Finish sending text messages before you start driving and if it is just a text then it can surely wait till you have reached your destination. •    Leave for your destination well in time to avoid speeding or driving in a hurry. A driver with an organized mind is any day better than one with an unorganized mind. It is essential that your maximum focus is on driving and on the road. •    When travelling with friends avoid empty chattering. While having a conversation is not a hazard but drawing attention from driving to chit chat is a bad idea. It is essential that the driver is alert at all times to avoid any impending dangers. •    As a teenager you are not even allowed to be drinking so getting caught driving with alcohol or any drug in your system is a bad idea. The action being taken against you will be way more severe than what it would have been for speeding or any other offence. So beware, do not drink and drive, value your ad others lives. •    Do not get behind the wheel when you are very angry. Driving angry is as good as drunken driving. Make sure that no matter how angry you are you must calm your nerves before you hit the road. Teenagers must enroll themselves in a good defensive driving school like the Florida defensive driving school. There are a number of defensive driving schools in Florida. The Florida defensive driving course is online so there is no hassle of attending classes. It is fast and easy and what you learn at the FL defensive driving school will stay with you for the rest of your life.