Many sites allow you to determine exactly what you are looking for and they will only provide you with cars that match that criterion. If you are determined on a particular new model which is outside your budget, then there is no reason why you cannot buy a used version because this type of loan is fine for used vehicles as well. Anybody can get the auto loan provided they have a good credit history so never make the mistake of applying for it without first checking out your credit score. Although it may still be possible to arrange a loan, a higher interest rate will more than certainly be the penalty so if there is anything that needs correcting on your credit report, you had best attend to this important matter first. The finance system is set at a credit score rating of 550 and anyone over that should not have a problem with the loan but if you find yours is lower then you will need to have this corrected if at all possible before the application is forwarded. There are many resources through which you can get auto loans like dealers, credit union, bank, or online lender and it is better to shop around first before you take your loan. A number of different finance packages will be available but bear in mind the total amount payable when you look into this and not just how much the monthly premium is. You should try to put down as large a down payment as possible as this will decrease the amount on finance which will reduce the amount you pay per month and how much is repaid in total. Although you do not require protection insurance to arrange finance, the lenders will usually reward you with slightly lower premiums if you do,lenders worry that if something happens to you they may not get their money back so if you are insured already it is better that you know all the details. Many car dealers with give a rebate if you finance your car with them and this is usually worthwhile but the interest rate may be slightly higher to offset this,it is quite a simple matter to re-negotiate your finance package from another company once the rebate has been paid. Many finance companies will ask for a deposit or down payment from you and may even charge to process the application of you auto loan but E-Loans and Capital One Auto Finance are two companies that do not request either. If your dealer wants to provide you with the best rate then he will need to match those available online. Now that you have the knowledge, go out and negotiate a car loan that meets your specific needs and circumstances.