There are many types of box trailers with KRONE, SCHMITZ, KOEGEL, PACTON, and Drawbartrailer 4-axle trailers being just a few of the top brands you can find on the market today. These trailers can be purchased for a variety of purposes and many can be manufactured specifically to your specifications by the manufacturer if necessary to meet any special needs that you may have. No matter what your needs may be you should always keep quality, dependability and experience from the manufacturer in mind when purchasing new or used box trailers. Krone is one of the top manufactures of new and used box trailers and as of March 2009 have introduced their new Fair Care Service Package that is designed specifically for the customer if they purchase a new Krone trailer from the Profi Liner range, Mega Liner, Cool and Box Liner. There are three different options available: The Fair Care Trailer Service, the Fair Care Tyre Service and the Fair Care Cooling Engine Service. Schmitz has as of April 2009 opened their new single multi-product trailer assembly line and it is now fully operational. The new integrated line allows both curtain-sider and refrigerated trailer to be built at the same time. The new facility has also been designed so that they are able to manufacture a very extensive line of other trailers as well and expect the number of products manufactured to be greatly increased the future. Koegel is known for its product range of semi-trailers, swap body trailers and changeable platform bodies. The company was founded in 1934 and its headquarters are located in Germany. It's principal purpose is manufacturing and renting vehicles for the transport of heavy loads. They also trade in second hand vehicles, supplies, spare parts and repair vehicles. In 2004 Koegel announced the development of a new type of refrigerated trailer that keeps items cooler for longer periods of time. Pacton is a world leader in the transport industry. The have very competitive pricing and the quality of their used or new box trailers is unquestionable. They offer standard and tailor made trailers built to the customers specifications. Pacton has held a leading position in national and international transport buisiness for many years and continue to work with only the best to make their products the best in quality and design. Drawbartrailer 4-axle trailers are trailers that are designed to haul huge loads, everything from heavy construction equipment to extremely long loads. They are designed so that you are able to pull one of these trailers behind a semi or almost any other type of vehicle able to pull the additional weight. These companies not only sale new box trailers, but used box trailers as well, so keep in mind when your searching the internet or simply driving down the road and see a sign advertising box trailers for sale that either new or used they are manufactured by companies that back their products with experience, dependability and quality.