What exactly is the car salvage business? Many people are not exactly sure what it is. But it is a vital job and industry that certainly has a niche in the car part world. The car salvage business basically worlds in this way. A company will get an old or destroyed car in which that will either buy or someone will donate to them. At that time, they will look at the car and see how much of the car is salvageable and what parts could be taken off. Sometimes even the whole car will be sold off, even if the car, truck, van, or SUV as occurred a lot of damage. Once the process of getting a car and determining what can be saved off a car is done, then the car salvage business gets into their bread and butter, which is getting these parts sold to people that really need these parts, so that they can make money. What kind of part do car salvage yards sell? Pretty much all parts that aren't damaged in the first place. A lot of people hit their car mirror while in a minor accident, in traffic, hitting a piece of construction, or debris that hits their car while they drive. Salvage yards generally have the mirror that you will need in order to make the needed repair that you need on your car. Some people need a sun visor for their car, and in many areas where it is very hot and there is a lot of sunshine, they are very much needed. A car salvage business will often have the sunshade that you need for your car. The price that it will cost you depends on the model that you need it for, the amount of sunshades that are available, and the condition of the sunshine that you are trying to buy. Many people are now beginning to use online breakeryard in order to find engines, batteries, and other major car parts that they need in order to either keep a car running or fix a car that they have. There is little doubt that car salvage will continue to be a viable business in the years to come, as people will always need parts.