If you are new to off-road racing, engine revamping and performance gains or you are used to the business everyone can get the most out of bolt on horsepower! With just cause most people have become less trusting of companies promising to add tremendous amounts of horsepower with simple bolt on or swap out parts but every once in a while a part is designed that delivers a cost effective way to add bolt on horsepower and get great horsepower gains at the wheels. After all, the only horsepower that counts is the horsepower at the wheels! There are numerous Yamaha Rhino parts such as the Rhino engine programmer is an example of horsepower add ons that can help with enhancing engine performance and overall horse power. These are time proven; track proven and race proven add ons that really go a long way in giving you the edge. When doubling the horsepower of any vehicle it will be necessary to upgrade the amount of fuel going into the engine. A few good examples of such bolt on power is the Rhino 400MM throttle body. This will allow for increased fuel consumption to match the new output of your engine modifications. While pre manufactured exhausts are modifications that really only require the turning of a few bolts with a torque wrench the additional applications will require a higher level of know how to make sure everything is set up correctly. Jet kits are simple parts that go into a carburetor or fuel injection system to allow more fuel into the engine. This helps to increase the amount of horsepower you can get from your machine! They only take a basic knowledge of carburetors or injection systems and a good set of instructions to complete and calibrate. There are many books out there that help you understand how to perform these modifications but as always. If this is out of our element then seek professional help! It’s always cheaper to do it right the first time than to fix a mistake. Yamaha Rhino 660 Turbo Kit is one of the best modifications you can get from Yamaha Rhino parts. It’s an expensive mod but it will give you turbo power, which will give you the largest amount of performance gains from bolt on applications. This is a great mod but is for the advanced mechanic that understands engine overhauls. Horsepower is addictive and usually it’s very costly but when you can almost double the amount of horsepower to your vehicle with a bolt on application while getting your hands a little dirty it’s a win win investment for fun!