Bentley got its start back in 1919 in England, and it rose quite quickly through the ranks of luxury manufacturers. However, eventually its sales started to flounder and few people heard about it. In the 1980s there was renewed life and vigour in the company, and the Bentley name was once again very popular with those who had the means to pay for the car and wanted the luxury that it could provide. Bentleys have six-figure price tags, but they are also very stylish and comfortable, so that makes them some of the best choices for people who are interested in luxury and quality and style, and who are wealthy. There is prestige that comes with owning a Bentley, just like a Rolls Royce or similar vehicle. The reason for the decline of Bentley for a while wasn't even really related to anything that the company did or did not do. Instead, it was more that the entire idea of luxury cars took a hit for a while and a lot of people felt that there wasn't anything that special about them – they all looked the same. When Bentley made some new models and started setting itself apart, though, business grew again and has stayed strong ever since. Sure, these cars cost a lot of money, but the quality and the luxury that a person can get in them is largely unparalleled and because they offer several different models to choose from, a person can get something a bit unique that they really like instead of the same thing that everyone else is driving. It's a big plus when that kind of money is being spent on a car, and it's helped Bentley to be very popular with a large number of people in the UK. The company looks as though it will only continue to grow, and you can see for yourself how beautiful these cars really are by going to visit your nearest Bentley dealership. These cars are to be admired, and whether you can afford one or not they are great to go and look at, if for nothing else than their style and workmanship. Being hand assembled really does make a difference, and that difference shows. That's part of the reason that a lot of people buy the Bentley autos when they could get plenty of other cars for less money. They want the prestige, but they also desire the quality.