Though finding the right car is not very difficult, discovering the right car loan is. When financing the person's car or understanding the car loan, details are not the same among dealer finance departments and personal banks. Therefore, it is important to be confident with the money that is spent. There are many companies that promise the best auto loan deals in order to get you in the door and signed on a car contract. A financing contract for a car works very similar to other installment contracts that become amortized over a specified and predetermined time period. Once you submit your application and personal history of your credit, the lender there will underwrite your loan and determine what your interest rate should be based on your credit history. The higher the credit history, the lower the interest rate will be. When your interest rate is determined, you must pay the additional increased fee for five years. If your car originally cost you $23,000, then you would have to pay $383.00 for five years based on your interest rate. Because of the increase from your interest rate, the car may not be affordable. It is good to have liquidated funds that will go toward your new car when the contract starts, for you will be able to save money on interest charges due to equity being in your purchase. It will help you a great deal if you tried to pay off the charges as soon as you get them so that you can save even more money. The interest is increased on a monthly basis, so you will probably want to pay it off right away. The person's car payments do not stop with the charges payed monthly or the interest charges. It is a must to get car insurance as well. Many insurers such as Allstate and Geico tell the person that he/she must have liability and comprehensive coverage on their car. This new payment is added to the individual's monthly bill. To keep costs down, the person should get a quote from their insurance company before the official car purchase. People should know that the car's value will lessen eventually, and the interest that is being payed will then become a waste of money. To ultimately save money, the person should do less financing and more spending on the car. It is wise to save money beforehand instead of buying your car right away so that you can find the right auto loan deals for any kind of auto finance. If you do not want to deal with expensive auto loans and interest rates, you should save cash before purchasing the car.