When looking at used vehicles remember no matter what the brand is you should always have an educated engineer or someone very educated in automotives. Because not everyone can just tell from first glance what's a good truck and what's not a good truck. Nowadays you can't always rely on sales people to tell you 100% truth on the cars condition. An engineer will know what's good and what's bad. Here are the top 5 used trucks by brand and model.

Volvo Trucks

The best Volvo's to get currently are used trucks, ever since Volvo's price increase on new vehicles in 2001, more used Volvo's are being purchased. The only backdrop to buying used Volvo's is you don't get that guarantee of no problems for the first 6 years. The company is though been known to have reliable used vehicles if in good enough condition left by previous owner.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks

First thing is if you like big, and I mean BIG, this is the brand for you. Typically the best thing you can get out of this brand is big trucking vehicles and also military trucks. If you don't know where to start looking I would personally refer you to investing in a used truck with a huge upper bunk. Its not fun trucking if your not comfortable. Buying used Mercedes saves you tons of money, any good taken care of truck can be just as reliable as a new truck. And with Mercedes, going the used route will get you more for your money in the long run. You could be just as likely to break down in a new truck then a used truck depending on the year and miles used. Why blow the extra money?

Scania Trucks

I personally would recommend this brand over Mercedes if you have a little more cash and want a little more space. These trucks tend to be a little bit more into the style, if your more worried about what you want your truck to look like. Not everyone wants to get seen in a used truck that looks like a bus though… and Scania tends to master that aspect. With its famous flat nosed models. But don't worry their not all like that!

MAN Trucks

For such a unique name they really don't set themselves apart with their trucks physical appearance. But according to rumors the reliability more then makes up for its lack of originality. This is a better company to look into if your looking for something more settle, not as towering and frightening as some of the other brands may make their trucks seem.

But really…

When it comes down to it. The price of a used truck in comparison to a new one is unbeatable. And if your starting up a new company used trucks are more financially friendly. It allows you a safe source of transportation for your companies goods and that large chunk of money you saved from getting a new truck will make good backup finances for your business when and if it ever hit's a hard spot.