With the recent economic slowdown, there has been a lot of worry in the automotive world on a number of fronts. Some companies are even having to go to their governments in order to get emergency assistance in order to survive. This is because of several factors. One reason is that fact that the global economy is very slow, our people are hurting. As a direct result of the economy, people are both unable to afford to buy new cars and even if they can afford new cars, loans are often difficult to obtain. There is little doubt that this has had a major effect on car suppliers, people that are involved in the industry and people that depend on the auto industry to make a living. Some consumers are worried about the effects that these potential major problems could have on them. Consumers have a lot to worry about because of the struggles of the automotive industry. They themselves could be affected if they are involved in the industry. Many other companies besides the car manufacturer themselves could be affected if manufacturers go out of business. There is also a major question among many consumers that have cars from car manufacturers that are hurting right now. That is, if the company goes out of business, will I be able to get car parts to repair my car? Who will honour my warranty? Will it be honoured at all? These are major questions that hopefully will never have to be answered. But it is certainly a legitimate question that must be asked, will a consumer be able to get car parts to repair their can if their manufacturer goes out of business. The answer should hopefully be a yes. This is because there are third parties that often are able to get car partsĀ for people that need them, such as online companies like Breakeryard who source the parts on your behalf. In addition, the automaker are likely to have a stockpile of parts that could be used for consumers to fix their cars. Whatever the economy and the car industry brings though, it is very important that consumers be able to get their car parts do that cars on the road are safe, and consumer feel secure.