If you need a wheelchair or have someone in your family who needs one, you can still get around. You just need to get a vehicle that will accommodate your needs. They aren't that easy to find, but you can locate them, or you can purchase a vehicle that will accommodate your wheelchair and then have it fitted with what you need, like a lift to get the chair from ground level of the level of the vehicle's floor. The easiest way, of course, is to get one that's already fitted with everything that you need. A lot of people also think that they can just get a vehicle that's big enough to put a collapsible wheelchair in and be done with it, but that's not the way it works. Many wheelchair bound people have to ride in their wheelchairs in the vehicle, and you can't just put them in the backseat of the car and put their chair in the trunk. So, the best thing that you can do is to shop carefully and not buy the first thing that you see. Price will be a factor, as it is for most people in any and every purchase that they make, but it shouldn't be the only factor that you'll consider. It's actually more important to make sure that the person in the wheelchair can get in and out of the vehicle (hence the lift) and can have enough room to manoeuvre once inside. If the wheelchair can't be positioned low and in the middle of the vehicle, and if it can't be near enough to the driver and front passenger, the ride will be very uncomfortable and the person in the wheelchair will have to shout to talk to others. This makes for an unpleasant time, and can be very bad if people have to make a long trip across the country. Comfort, convenience, and price are all the issues that you'll need to look at. Compromising one to get the other is a poor choice, and it's something that you'll end up regretting in the future. Many people spend thousands of dollars on these vehicles, and they are a major investment, so they aren't something to be taken lightly. It's much closer to the thought that should go into purchasing a house rather than a more standard car, so take your time looking at wheelchair accessible vehicles and ensure that you get what's right for you.