Many people are constantly complaining about unexpected happenings, many of which cause them to lose money. While it is true that ignorance is bliss, it is also an attitude that could be very costly, especially when it concerns your auto insurance. So many people simply accept what happens around them, not caring to learn more about the subject in question. When a letter arrives informing them that their insurance premium has increased, the response is and endless complaint, and no resulting action. Does that sound familiar? Being prepared can save you a considerable amount of money. For a start, consider the car you are driving, or want to buy: Is it a type of vehicle that is more likely to be stolen (than other models), or (if it is a fast car) could it be more likely to be involved in a collision? These statistics can be obtained from your local law enforcement office. Did you know that cars of some colors are more likely to be involved in an accident than others? Did you know that your credit score has an effect on the premium you qualify (or do not qualify) for? Thanks to the availability of the internet, information is abundant. Doing a search for information on any topic will yield plenty of reading material, allowing you to acquire a basic understanding of the subject. Having some basic knowledge will make it more difficult for any salesperson to keep information from you that may change your decision. At the end of the day, you are only as gullible as you prefer to be. Many people, especially women, are seen as "easy targets", since the average woman knows little about car insurance. By doing a little research, you can stop being a victim, and become a critical customer. Always remember: You are paying the salesperson's salary, so you have the right to expect upfront information. You are not being "difficult" or unreasonable. You are simply demanding professional quality service. Considering the amount of money you will be spending on the service, it is actually well within the limits of being reasonable. We will not even begin to mention the question of ethics.