Typical car insurance premiums have become a matter of concern, especially for people who want to purchase car insurance. For instance, if a client gives a call to three different car insurance firms, they provide different quotes for insuring the very same car. Here are some outlines that insurers consider when determining premiums. nnThe client's age is one of the major criteria that are used to ascertain the premium amount. The insurance company is particularly interested in if the client is older or younger than 25. On average, clients under the age of 25 pay higher premiums than their older counterparts. nnApart from age, the second factor that influences car insurance premiums is your occupation. For clients, who work in an industry such as law or banking, insurers offer them better insurance terms, as compared to those who work in more exciting jobs. nnEssentially, it is usual that even gender is a determining factor in some cases with the common car insurance premiums. Women are more likely to pay lower car insurance premiums as compared to men. It's because this group is involved in fewer traffic mishaps. nnThe amount paid for determines the premiums is driving experience. All insurance companies check out your driving record as well as any points that may be present. Drivers having good driving record pay lower monthly installments as compared to those having poor driving records. nnOne more important piece of information that changes monthly rates is the condition of the vehicle, including safety features, age, and manufacturer. Insurance coverage will cost more for expensive vehicles such as Mercedes and Jaguars when compared to less costly cars, like your average Chevrolet or Ford.nnIn cars, insurers mainly look at the mileage, model, age, type of engine capacity and registration number of the car. These factors play a role in the determination of rates. nnIn certain instances, mileage driven annually by an individual is used in the determination of the premium amount. Can insurance costs are greatly determined by the place of residence. The insurance company also takes into account the car theft rate in the local area. nnEnsuring that your car is secure is an important method to saving money on car insurance. In order to achieve this, people should consider augmenting the security of their vehicle to reduce the premium they are charged. It is a basic means of lowering the cost of insurance coverage on the automobile.nnOne standard feature of insurance coverage is theft. The vehicle falls under the high risk category if it is easy to steal or break into and such a vehicle will be too attractive an item for the criminals to ignore. nnLess risk means that the insurer is less likely to have to make financial compensation. It therefore, will be reflected in their monthly premiums and complete coverage overheads. You can find out how much or little you will need to pay with the help of one of the websites listed below.