With so many ways to find affordable vehicle insurance rates there is no excuse for not getting this done. Although you may be worried that you will never get what you want, in terms of pricing, don't be surprised if this process is simpler than you initially thought it would be. As soon as you realize your options for finding affordable vehicle insurance rates everything else will begin to fall into place Here are three methods to use: 1. Go online. In today's world, if you want to find the most affordable vehicle insurance rates you need to use the internet. This gives you the chance to quickly receive and compare quotes without speaking on the phone or wasting time waiting for mail to show up. 2. Call agents. There is nothing wrong with calling one agent after the next until you find a few affordable vehicle insurance rates that you are comfortable with. The only problem with this is that it may take up a bit of time. 3. Hire an insurance broker. When you get a broker on your side you will not have to do a lot of work. Instead, he will call around to find you affordable vehicle insurance rates. The only thing you have to do is sit back and wait for the quotes to be provided to you. Before you hire a broker make sure you trust him 100 percent. Anybody who is searching for affordable vehicle insurance rates should opt to use one of the three methods detailed above.