Bushwacker fender flares extend factory tire coverage. Taller and wider tires are one of the first changes off-roades make to their vehicle, however many states have laws against them. One solution is to cover them with wider fender flares. Bushwacker fender flares are designed to replace their factory counterparts. In addition to making the vehicle look bigger and more aggressive, they also protect it from road debris strewn about by the tires. Their main purpose, however, is to cover up the tires that "stick out" beyond the legal limits. Looking at unmodified Jeep, truck, or SUV if you stand in front or behind it and line up one front and one rear tire from the same side, you'll see that the tires are 100% covered by the body or fenders all the way to their outermost edge. Nothing protrudes beyond this point. Vehicles were designed this was so they could be licensed to drive on U.S. roads. When installing larger tires, however, there's a good probability that the tires will protrude outward. This is ideal for installing a Bushwacker fender flare kit. The advantages of a Bushwacker fender flare kit are... * Protects your vehicle's paint from rock chips caused by wide or over-sized tires. * Protects the cars driving near you from the rocks (or other debris) in your tires. * Eliminates tire spray (or splash) when driving in the rain. * Changes the appearance of your vehicle to something bigger and more aggressive. * Legalizes your vehicle. Bushwacker fender flare kits for Jeep, truck, or SUV models extend tire coverage at varying widths, but typically range from 2-inches to 6-inches. With this variety, you should be able to install just about any set of tires on your vehicle without the hassles of legal issues that come along with large tires.