Accidents are not a new thing, as they happen every day. Sometimes they cause inconsiderable damages and sometimes, big damages. Inconsiderable losses are often not taken as claim worthy, so they make no issue. Accidents causing heavy damages generally arrive at courtrooms for requisition. It is evident that the hit party files the claim. They pleading are filed to get remittance as an aid to cover up from the losses of the accident. Mostly people don't think of going for accident claims thinking of the high fees charged by the solicitors. It is a general conception that lawyers do nothing for free and they charge a person even for a legal advice. For this reason, people hesitate to file an accident claim. However, it is crucially important to know that when you are going to file a claim, how your solicitor is going to be paid. Most often, the solicitor taking up a case of an accident claim has to charge his fee from the opponent. He gets his fees from the opponent's insurers. It is important that you choose your solicitor carefully, the one with a good reputation of winning road accident claims, because he would be able to present your case in the most appropriate manner. Many solicitors offer their avails saying 'no win no fees'. In that matter, there is a chance that the claiming individual is the one who will be bearing the legal charges. However, it should be crystal-clear that the lawyer is not entitled to get a single penny from the claimer even if the case is lost in the favour of the defendant. These road accident claims are generally of two kinds; claims for bodily damages, and claims for car damages. Proclamation, therefore, differ from case to case. If there are more B.Is i.e. Bodily Injuries, the proclamations must clearly express so, and if the car impairments are more, then the claim should express according to that. One important point to note regarding the legal charges is that while falling in an accord with your lawyer, one must go through the articles of the agreement carefully. A person must understand each and everything written in the proclamation agreement. Be careful for the articles stating that the client will pay for any out-of-pocket costs, which encircle claims for physical injuries and its cost, and pleading for time to make the case effective. Remember, all costs are on the defendant and the lawyer cannot charge them from the claimer, to get from the compensation the client gets. While going for an accident proclamation, one must also know that until when he can file a proclamation. In UK, a claim for compensation can be filed within a period of 3 years of the accident date. The solicitor will need the medical examination reports to decide the amount to be claimed. The claim cases are generally settled within 6-9 months' time since the filing of the claim. Nonetheless, it is more beneficial not to take the matter to the court and solve it outside the court.