Everyday there are a large number of people around the world who meet car accidents. In USA only, there are more than 6 million car accidents annually! Approximately 3 million people are injured as a result. Mostly, the reason of the accident is some sort of negligence of the driver. Distractions also divert the attention of the driver leading to an accident. There are numerous things which can distract one while driving. In the present times, cell phones and other gadgets tend to distract the driver's attention while driving. Be it cell phones, laptops, or CD player, they allure the driver and he takes his eyes off the road and thus sometimes ends up in encountering an accident. The nature of accidents can be serious or mild. However, whatever the intensity of an accident may be, it causes financial as well as physical threat. In order to minimize road accidents and their consequences, we need to drive vigilantly without being distracted. Because of extensive use of gadgets while driving, many countries have banned the use of cell phones while driving. Alternately, hands free ear buds are being encouraged to use while driving. Apart from gadgets, there can be various other distractions as well. One may even get distracted when talking to a friend or family member in the car. You could also get out of focus in case you are involved in deep thinking. All these and numerous others contribute to diverting the attention of the driver and would result in a car accident. One more very common reason of car accidents is alcohol. A lot of people end up in serious road accidents as they are drunk and are not able to drive properly. Alcohol does not let you remain in your senses, and can therefore create severe issues while driving. You may feel tiredness, lack of focus, and the failure to judge distances when you are drunk. Rubbernecking and tailgating are other known causes of car accidents. Rubbernecking refers to slowing your car to have a look at something while driving like a road accident, or some interesting view on the road. When you slow down your car rapidly, the car that is behind you often knocks into your car because the other driver does not get adequate time to slow his car as suddenly and abruptly. This leads to serious accidents involving a large number of cars sometimes. A number of times, the cause of a car accident is mechanical failure or road conditions. The mechanical problems in your car could be minimized by maintaining your car and inspecting its mechanism every now and then. For road condition as well, you can take alternate route or travel carefully while driving on bad roads. You can also reduce the other causes of car accidents by avoiding use of cell phones, laptops, or other gadgets when you are driving. You should also tend to be less enquiring while driving, so that you do not have to slow the car all of a sudden which could be a reason for an accident. For alcohol lovers as well, they can drink as much as they like, but when they have to drive they should avoid drinking.