People love their classic cars. It could be a true classic car that is very rare or extremely valuable. It could just be a car that was made in very few numbers that is considered a classic. It could also be just that family car that a person wants to keep in the family for generations to come. One thing that unites a lot of people though in the classic car world is that fact that parts for these classics can be very difficult for these people to find car parts that they need to fix, maintain, and modify their classic. Why is it that it can be very difficult to be able to get car parts for classic cars? There are a number of reasons for this problem, One major problem is that most of the cars that are considered classics are very old. These parts, and often the company that originally made it, are often out of business or don't make that part any more. However, many people do want these parts, and there are some speciality companies that will usually try to have access to these parts. Another reason for the difficultly in getting access to classic car parts is the pure cost that is associated with the classic car parts. There are a couple of reasons why these parts can be very expensive. One reason is the fact that there aren't a lot of them made, which doesn't allow for more costing savings that come with more production. At that same time, the people that do have these classic car parts are not as eager or willing to reduce the prices that they charge because of the fact that there is less competition for that part. Expensive parts when they are available, the lack of available parts in the first place, the lack of facilities and companies that make these parts, are just some of the problems that the classic part market faces. These reasons, along with the chance that driving a classic car could damage it forever, cause many classic cars to be taken off the road. The risks associated with it are just not worth it. Also, by driving the classic car, they can wear out the parts that are so hard to find.