This year Ford are looking to change their appearance as a company. Gone are the plans for larger cars/SUV’s as the market is slowly declining. In its place we will see a drive on smaller more environmentally friendly vehicles. The change is thought to be linked with petrol price increases and the general public’s awareness of their global footprint. Ford’s top sellers over previous years have been the Explorer sport and the F-150 Pickup. Sales have taken a swift nose-dive and the companies attention has turned to the Ford Focus. Freshly redesigned this at the start of this year the Ford Focus has enjoyed a large increase in sales, particularly in Canada where there has been a recent monthly increase by 18%. Whilst not completely wiping the slate clean with the new design the Ford Focus 2008 has become a bit more “minimalist.” The 3 & 5 door hatchbacks are no longer, leaving the 2 door coupe and the 4 door sedan. Ford have large expectations for the new model and are hoping to revive the glory days of 1999 when the car won Car of the Year in North America and Canada. Since then the car has fallen behind such makes as Honda, Mazda and Corolla. Maybe 2008 is the year for a turnaround in fortune? So what are the changes? The new Focus looks bolder with a stronger exterior look. The interior is comfortable, spacious and quiet with the seating and panel also being updated. An attractive blue lighting effect has also been added to the instrument cluster, window switches, door lock and steering wheel. However the biggest and definitely most interesting change to the Focus is the Microsoft designed and totally Ford exclusive Sync System. This enables the driver to voice activate their phones, mp3 players, radio and steering wheel. The car is lighter than previous models and comes with a 2 litre Duratec DOHC four cylinder engine. Efficiency has been improved with a modern air intake system combined with cooling system, giving you a bit more power for your money. Out on the road the Focus is smooth whilst giving you a relaxed and quiet drive. Steering is receptive and the cars controls are all placed within close proximity to ensure a simple and easy drive.