As you must be aware, environmental conditions become pretty hard in winters. Particularly, when it comes to driving, it becomes very perilous during this time. The prospects of road accidents perk up even more as ice, rain, snow, fog and dark make the conditions very tough for the drivers. In particular, wintry evenings are all the more threatening for driving. Most road accidents occur during the months October and November. According to a survey, about 42% of road fatalists take place during the night. In this state, it is very essential to take care of the roads and maintain them efficiently. This job is done by Highways Agency, which is a dedicated agency for this work. Other smaller roads are maintained by local councils. The Highways Agency's job is to lessen delays and the possibility of road accidents by removing snow and preventing ice formation. As the gritting service depends on the climate forecast, there are possibilities of blunder in this too. Gritters teams support all though the night during winters. They principally wait for the temperature to collapse to about 1 and are then charged to carry out this work. Local proficiency and familiarity is crucial when the gritters are carrying out the work. Precautionary gritting is done during the evening when the rush hour has passed. It is done in the morning as well before the morning traffic mounts. Despite of all this, unfortunately, many road accidents still take place. However, you also need to bear in mind that other than the weather condition, many road accidents result due to the carelessness and mistake of the drivers. In case you encounter an accident owing to ice or snow on the road, you can also make a personal injury claim and get reimbursement. The agencies in charge of gritting have certain criterion for this work. Unluckily sometimes the roads may not be gritted owing to the reason that the weather condition could not be predicted properly. However, road accidents can be complex as it is had to know many times if the local authority or government agency is accountable for it. For this reason, you need to take assistance from your insurance agent in case you get involved in an accident. In addition, you must to drive cautiously in order to avoid all likelihood of road accidents. Safe driving together with apposite road maintenance during winters and all through out the year will definitely minimise the chances of road accidents. For this season, you need to drive extra circumspectly as the chances of accidents are more in this phase. You ought to see if your car's lights are functioning correctly, observe the pressure of the tires, verify car oil, and take cleaning solution if you have to drive on filthy roads in winters. All these safety measures will assist you to reduce the chances of road accidents and therefore keep you safe and sound in the deadly winter season. Better safe than sorry!